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ukrsepro for ukraineIn parallel to what took place in Russia, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine also sought to create a system of quality certification in order to provide its consumers with adequate safety standards for traded products. For this reason, in 1993, with the law of Conformity Assessment, Ukraine developed the certification system UkrSEPRO, which ensures the safety of humans, animals and the environment against possible dangers of the marketed products.

Like the Russian GOST R, the UkrSEPRO certificate is requested primarily at customs upon entry of a product into Ukraine, and then again at the time of sale or delivery to the buyer. In the event that the certificate UkrSEPRO is not mandatory for the type of product you are importing, you may choose to ask for it voluntarily in order to give guarantees to potential customers. In some cases, you may request a letter of exemption, which is useful when the product cannot be subject to a precise framework within the confines of the Ukrainian law.

By comparison with the Russian GOST R certificate, the UkrSEPRO certificate is more general and covers most goods, especially industrial ones, on the Ukrainian market.. Compliance is ensured by the state authority for technical regulations and policies in favor of consumers as well as the by Customs Service.

UkrSEPRO certificates can be valid for single delivery, 1, 2, 3 or 5 years; in these last two cases the application must be submitted by the vendor and an audit of the manufacturing company by the Ukrainian authorities is required.

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