Gost R Declaration of Conformity

Gost R Declaration of Conformity – last update 15.04.2016

Gost R declarationBefore to start reading this page about the GOST R declaration of conformity, we recommend reading of the key features of the GOST R certification system in Russia in the introductory page. Many of the main questions that may arise are dealt with exhaustively in that extensive description of the Russian Regulation. In particular, because of the drastic changes that have occurred in recent years, the transition to the unified certification for the Eurasian Economic Union marked EAC, is highlighted.

Regulated by the Government Resolution N 982 December 1, 2009, the Declaration is an official document, in which it is stated which goods comply with the quality and safety regulations of the Russian Federation. This is a pre-requisite for placement of goods on the Russian market. This declaration is needed at the time of customs clearance and can be requested by a Russian legal entity or by a foreign legal entity with a permanent establishment in Russia. The list of products subject to declaration is shown in the above-mentioned law.

The Gost Declaration of conformity is very similar to the Gost R certificate of conformity and is distinguished by the mere fact that the Declaration, in accordance with the regulations, must be requested by a legal entity registered in the Russian Federation. In general it should be the importer or a representative of the manufacturer, registered in Russia, who requests it. The difference between the two documents is easily visible due to the different formats.

Time and cost to obtain a GOST R declaration of conformity

From the moment of delivery of all required application documents, the time needed for issuing a mandatory Gost R declaration of conformity is 1-2 days

The total cost (including VAT) of a mandatory Gost R declaration of conformity is in the range:: €150-950

Costs vary depending on the time validity of the request, the product to be certified, and the number of product variants, or of different products if they are considered to be similar.

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