SGR – EAC sanitary certificate for the Custom Union

SGR – EAC sanitary certificate – last update 15.04.2016

Up until July 2010, for particular types of products, especially food-related ones, the Russian Federation and now the customs union Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan – requires a certificate now called Sanitary Certificate of the Customs Union, sometimes known as SGR or Sanitary State Registration or also EAC Sanitary Certificate. This EAC certificate is required for the product categories listed in the second section of the single list of products subject to sanitary surveillance on the territory of the Customs Union, and is issued by the Federal Health and Consumer Protection agency (Rospotrebnadzor).

Products under EAC Sanitary certificate legislation

Certificato EAC sanitario

Among the products involved there are, for example, specific foods, including baby food, dietetic products for athletes, biologically active additives, raw materials for the production of biologically active additives, organic products, mineral water, bottled water, soft drinks , alcoholic beverages, foods derived from genetically modified organisms, articles intended to come into contact with food (with the exception of domestic food processors, cutlery and crockery). In addition, the certificate is mandatory for products dedicated to home and personal care products such as cosmetics, products and devices for oral hygiene, household chemicals, personal care products for children and adults. Finally, it is necessary certification for hazardous products, such products for disinfection, pest control and rodent control.

The health certificate of the customs union may be valid indefinitely if the applicant is the manufacturer, or ,for the entire duration of their provision, if the applicant is the importer. Due to the change of name and enforcement regime, all certificates issued prior to July 2010 will be valid only until the end of 2011.

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Timing and Costs of the SGR - EAC sanitary certificate

Issuing time from the delivery of all the required documents: 2 to 8 weeks

Total cost: from 500 Euro

Validity: not limited

Costs may vary depending on the time validity request, the product to be certified and the number of product variants, or different products if considered similar.

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