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Gost R Marking LogoThis site is designed to make understandable the certification system of Russia, commonly known as GOST R, to all our readers. Furthermore, as a result of recent developments in the implementation of the Eurasian Customs Union EAC, to focus on the new uniform EAC certification scheme for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, recognizable by EAC marking .

The certification system of the Eurasian Economic Union is known under various names including: EAC certification, certification CU TR (Technical Regulation Custom Union), TR TS certification (acronym for технический регламент таможенного союза) and certification EAC of Eurasian Customs Union.

EAC marking logoThe site, in order to foster fluidity and clarity, is for the most part devoted to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Although the same principles are widely applicable also to the Republic of Belarus and to that of Kazakhstan. TechSert has got the experience to be able to handle the same situations in the three countries of the Eurasian Community.

Russian certifications in practice: EAC, Gost R and more

Before going into a detailed explanation of the new Russian EAC certification and its normative background, we believe it may be useful to clarify certain points purely operational. The choice was done, keeping in mind those companies deciding to obtain a certificate for Russia (Voluntary Gost R certificate), or those that are forced to attain a mandatory certification, for example a Declaration  EAC, a Certificate EAC, a mandatory Gost R certification or an EAC EX certificate for devices in potentially explosive areas.

The following procedural features, have an extremely practical function and refer uniquely to transactions carried out through the organization TechSert Group. The specificity of certification procedures in Russia, is due to the fact that most of documents are managed by independent accredited organizations, with an overall supervision of the Russian Federal authorities. Hence a crucial degree of independence and discretion is present in each operation carried out through the chosen structure.

EAC declarationThe most articulate section of the site is devoted to the new EAC Certifications, which include the declaration EAC and the certificate EAC issued in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Custom Union (TR TS or TR CU in the English version). These regulations continually evolve and expand their range of action. They have gradually entered into force since 2012, to end up covering most of the sectors by the end of 2014. The Certificate EAC and Declaration of conformity EAC are mandatory for the regulated products. The certification procedure is therefore a necessary step into the process of importation and commercialization of every kind of products in Russia and in the Eurasian Union. A list of all the Technical Regulations in force can be found at the EAC certifications page. The issuance of such documents in favor of a product, entitles the producer to affix EAC marking logo on the product packaging and in some case on the product itself.

EAC certifications and special certifications

EAC certificateUnder the new EAC certification system are the regulations for explosion-proof products (TR TS 012/2011 on the safety of equipment in potentially explosive areas) that regulate the issuance of the Certificate EAC EX similar to the European ATEX; and the regulation TR TS 032/2013 on the safety of pressure equipment, parallel to the PED Pressure Equipment Directive.

EAC certification premium material:

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The Mandatory Gost R certificate remains in force for a limited number of product categories constantly decreasing. The voluntary Gost R certificate is instead attainable for most of the productions: either as unique certificate in case the product category is not regulated by mandatory certifications, or in combination with an EAC Certificate or an EAC Declaration. The voluntary Gost R certificate remains commercially valuable, due to the well known Gost R marking logo associate with it. The presence of the Gost R logo on the product in fact, ensures quality to consumers.
Gost R pattern of approvalAn extremely important certificate is, for its limited range of applicability, the Gost R Metrological Pattern Approval for measuring instruments. This document is exclusive to the sector of legal metrology and, unlike the documents listed so far, its issue is left to the Federal bodies of Russian Federation though our mediation. The attainment process of the Pattern of Approval includes various steps that may prove burdensome in terms of time, the details on the Pattern of Approval page.

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Those listed are just some of the potentially certifications necessary for importing and marketing a wide range of products into Russia. We hope to make the Russian certification system more understandable through this website, so that it turns easily manageable when combined with our direct support.